Cylinder Refill

Western Gasco has on-site filling of small cylinders for several gases including argon, 75-25 (argon/CO2) oxygen, nitrogen and helium. We also fill all sizes of carbon dioxide cylinders. We will fill as you wait or become a Western Gasco customer and just exchange your empty cylinder for a full one. We’ll take care of the cylinder maintenance.


We also can fill most Soda Machine cylinders!
Western Gasco sells, rents, and leases cylinders. Whether you are a large user or a small user, let Western Gasco determine the right cylinder usage option for you.
We sell all cylinder sizes from 20’s to 300’s, from D’s to T’s, and from 5#’s to 100#’s. No longer need or want the cylinder you purchased, no problem we’ll buy it. 


member of the
Western Gasco is the largest  independent distributor of industrial gases, welding and safety supplies in BC.
Our very knowledgeable associates are from the industry and understand what manufacturers and welders need.
"Service is our Business" isn't just a slogan it's our culture.  It differentiates us from the other corporate players in the marketplace.  That's how we keep and grow our customer base. 
If we can't keep your business with a handshake, we don't deserve your business.
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