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NBS Policy

Since its inception, Western Gasco has adopted NBS (No BS) as a Company policy. 
The main principles of our No BS Policy are listed below.



  • We charge a fair price and do not believe in surcharges

  • We expect payment in full for products and services rendered

  • We treat our customers and colleagues with respect

  • Our employees are our best asset

  • We are accountable to ourselves, our customers and our shareholders

  • We are good corporate citizens and operate within the letter of the law

  • We service what we sell and we stand behind the products and services we sell

  • We support our suppliers and expect our suppliers to support us

  • If we don’t have it, we can get it

  • We have fun, but we are professional

  • We always think safety no matter what the task



  • Expect a lot, be tough but fair with each other

  • We respect each other’s personal lives

  • Learn something new every day, pass it on

  • Be proud of where you work

  • No job is beneath anyone

  • Organize, clean, and tidy every day

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility

  • Zero excuses, 100% responsibility

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