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Buy Local Initiatives

Western Gasco supports buy local initiatives

Buy Local Initiatives


​Buying local keeps your community unique​​Local businesses build strong, sustainable communities. They create neighbourhoods; building character, adding to the quality of life and creating a specific sense of place and ownership for the area residents.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Local businesses pride themselves on superior quality service​


Research shows the majority of small business owners compete with national chains by focusing on customer service and quality products. Local business owners take pride in their service and offerings, taking the time to build personal and lasting relationships with clients.


​Invest in your community


​Local businesses return up to 80% of their products back into the community. Local businesses raise the standard of living by taking their profits and buying locally themselves, creating more and more tax revenues.


​Buying local creates more local jobs


​Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and in our community. The jobs they offer create stronger relationships in our community by developing valuable personal relationships between employers and their employees. The results are often better service and product knowledge, a more hands-on approach, and a stronger work ethic.​


Buying local supports you and your family


​When you buy local, significantly more of your buying dollar stays in the community. More of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses which strengthen our local economy. Your money goes toward local service providers and advertisers, local manufactures and shops. A dollar spent in British Columbia is a dollar that stays in British Columbia.​




​A marketplace rich in small businesses is the best way to ensure lower prices and innovative products based on local needs, as opposed to a national sales plan. Sales plans are based on the wants and needs of local clients and guarantee customer satisfaction.​


Buying local leads to local decision making​


The success of local businesses means an increased number of local economic decisions are made by local residents invested in the community in which they live. These decisions reflect local interests and goals and are made by individuals who will feel the impact of those decisions.​


Buying local puts your taxes to good use​


Local businesses require considerably less infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of pre-existing buildings and land. The sales taxes you pay support community needs like fixing roads and maintaining community recreation facilities.

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