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Western Gasco will deliver to your business on a regular scheduled route, on a call–in basis, or you can pick up at one of our locations. We deliver full cylinders and exchange them for empties as well as deliver all of your welding supply needs. Our delivery fleet includes two ten ton tandems, a five ton single axle and several pick-ups.


Run out of supplies or need it in a hurry? We can do that too.  If you’re working extra shifts or on the weekend, let us know and we’ll make sure you have what you need. Or we’ll arrange an extra delivery.


We take pride in getting you the right products on time for your application.  If your production requires a product or gas that we do not normally deliver, we can obtain it from one of our suppliers, allowing you to simplify the ordering process and have one supplier for all your gas and welding needs.


As your usage grows, we may increase your delivery frequency or change the mode of supply for gases. High pressure cylinders may be replaced with bulk packs, liquid cylinders or even bulk tanks that are piped to welding and/or cutting stations throughout your facility.  This means higher production time and a lower overall cost.  We have the staff and tools to analyze your usage to determine the right mode of supply for your business. 


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